To write…or not to write…

A friend that I have recently made was talking about how she was confused about what she wanted to write on her blog. She had made quite a big change in her life and, because of the change, she also welcomed a new fan base. Here “new” and “old” fan base were similar and different in various ways and merging them together wasn’t going to be easy and so she was confused about how to carry on. I told her that everyone who read her blog wants to read about her and that she should just be herself and everything will be fine. But, soon after, I realized I wasn’t doing the same.

I feel as though my life is a mixture of puzzles that I’m still trying to put together. There is a part of me that has a passion and an addiction to travel. This part of me has stayed with me the longest and it is a solid piece of my puzzle. When things get confusing or when things stay mundane, this part of me remains dedicated. I have no doubt in my life that travel will stay with me forever.

There is a part of me that has to do with my relationships — my relationships with family, friends, and everything in between. These are relationships that, for the most part, are a solid piece of my puzzle but are ever changed, or, evolving I should say. I accept the flimsiness of these pieces of my puzzle as I know that all relationships are creative and emotional.

Then there are those pieces of the puzzle rather annoying. I like to call them my quirks. My insecurities, my fears, my traits that I would like to change but have too much pride, at times, to do so. These are those small pieces of the puzzle that you just get frustrated with but when you think you have finally placed them, it’s just so bloody satisfying!!

The most difficult part of the puzzle in my life has been something that I disliked and have now fallen in love with. That piece of the puzzle is my faith. And this piece of the puzzle has not only built a solid foundation but has become so beautiful to me that, at times, it feels like I don’t need anything else. I mean of course I know that I do. It all goes hand in hand. But this just goes to show how special my faith has become to me.

The difficult part is being able to feel comfortable with writing about my ever so changing life. All of us lead a fruitful life and I guess the concern for bloggers, some of whom essentially write their blog as they would their diary (almost), is the reaction they will get from family, friends, coworkers, and fans, as to their ever life choices and lifestyle. I’m afraid that if I write about my faith, people will think I’m preaching and when I don’t write about it, I feel like I’m leaving out such a huge part about my life. But after telling my friend to be herself, I felt guilty. I was able to tell someone else to do it, but I am unable to do it myself.

So I will bite the bullet. I want to write more and I don’t want to be afraid to write any longer. Now this doesn’t mean my blogs will only be faith based. But I certainly won’t feel as though I shouldn’t say something just because of what people will think.