Body Positivity - It's Personal

Body positivity isn't something new. In fact the movement goes as far back as the late 1800's, which is why sometimes it shocks me that I only started accepting, encouraging, and loving my body recently. But I guess that also goes to show you the power of society and capitalism. We as humans are literally preyed upon so that we can "buy" into being happier, and then we never get there.

I feel like from the time I was about 6 to 40, I was consistently talked to about my weight. Family, friends, teachers, coworkers, bosses, and even strangers. I have tried diet pills, throwing up, starving, and several weight loss programs. I have been yelled, screamed at, laughed at, simply because of how I look. This is not just my story. This is a story of every plus size person that you see walking past you.

I can't say for sure what the recipe for success was for me to begin to love my body. But what I can say is that if I felt this good about myself when I was younger, I would have made better choices for myself, because when you see your self worth, you accept goodness in your life and you stand up for yourself if you are wronged. Imagine if children of the world felt good about themselves and how much of an impact that could make on their future. And with that in mind I am making it my mission to find a way to be able to talk at schools about self acceptance and self worth.

I hope that my podcast episode sheds some light on body positivity, a subject that is imperative and needs to be openly discussed.


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