Who Am I?

It's a question I wondered at an early age. Always wondering, always curious. Aren't we all in some way or another? I feel like all my life has been a chaotic roller coaster of banter in my head about what defines me. Some years I immersed myself in my bubbliness. Others were more philosophical. There were the years that I offered myself for others to define me...society, men, family, friends. And so, when I look back, now at 42, I'm thankful for the struggle and the strength that I have endured to be who I am today.

I am Azzah. I am 42 years old and I have a thirst quenching zest for life. I am an adventurous soul that loves to scream out loud when I'm happy and flop onto my bed and burst into tears when I am down in the dumps. I like to live life on the edge, whether that be a great decision or a sore mistake and this RATTLES my family to bits. I love them dearly but they know that my disposition holds a mightier hand than their comforting circle.

I am a single mama to a boy who has imprinted on me so hard that I cannot help but hold the reigns back, just a tiny bit, so I can give him a somewhat balanced life that he rightfully deserves! He brings both my feet down to earth when what I want to do most is make a last minute decision that will reek some sort of havoc in my life. But I love him, and so I call onto my dear friend "responsibility" to stick by my side momentarily.

I want to share my life with all of you with hopes that it brings you that sense of relief that you are not alone. That you, like all of us, are figuring it all out, whether at 16 or at 60. That you, like us, have made good and bad judgments and you haven't been perfect, which is precisely why you are perfect. And most of all, I want you to read this blog to remind yourself every day, if not every minute, that you will overcome and you will persevere and in the end, you will see that you have always shined brightly, like a diamond.

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